RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 21, 2017

TODAY: Putin, contrary to his aims, has aged the Kremlin; student’s speech to German parliament angers Russians; Kirill predicts end of world; Promsberbank linked to $10 billion fraud scheme; Otkritie losses see banking industry profits suffer hard; VTB Capital to double gold sales to China; Rosneft signs new deal with CEFC; Russia to ban Brazilian […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 20, 2017

TODAY: Kremlin says Putin may not run for third term next year; state-run television will not broadcast Olympics if Russia excluded; two banks in talks with Central Bank over weak capital; UN representative calls out Russophobia amongst diplomats; Russians planted Scottish independence Tweets? Putin accuses Browder of serial murder.

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 17, 2017

TODAY: Novaya Gazeta office raided; Maltsev flees Russia; Justice Ministry flags 9 media outlets under “foreign agent” law, OSCE protests; WADA rules against RUSADA for third year running; Central Bank ready to withstand further sanctions; Gazprom raises donations to help patriotic theme parks; Medvedev to be replaced next year? 8th anniversary of Magnitsky death. 

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 16, 2017

TODAY: Lavrov swipes at US for foreign agents media law as Duma passes retaliatory law, to criticism and condemnation; RUSADA awaits WADA decision; US to allocate $4.6bn towards containing Moscow, Germany declares Russia a threat in Europe; Russia and Venezuela agree on debt restructuring; more than 1 in 3 paid bribes this year; HRW documents […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 15, 2017

TODAY: Kremlin demands good news from energy companies; Rosneft to invest $2bn into Egypt; MoD uses video game still as proof that US is supporting Islamic State; GDP growth to miss forecasts; Medvedev accuses EU of sabotaging Nord Stream, says Trump is “well-meaning”; over 400 Russian tweeters trolled Brexit.

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 14, 2017

TODAY: RT registers as ‘foreign agent’ in US; Novaya Gazeta editor steps down; Sechin misses Ulyukayev court appearance, a second is scheduled; Putin hails good ties with Turkey’s Erdogan, will run for President again; economic growth slows down; Kalashnikov to privatise; May goes after Putin; new charges for Browder.

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 13, 2017

TODAY: Putin says Russia will respond in kind to US foreign agent laws, slams US for sanctions that damage its own economy, meets briefly with Trump; troll factory making propaganda in Ukraine; Russian spies to save the day? Drug rehab services cut in Crimea.

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 10, 2017

TODAY: Putin thinks doping allegations are a bid to influence elections, will meet Trump today; Twitter will store Russian user data; RT will register as a foreign agent; court orders seizure of Serebrennikov assets; Liberty Prize winners announced; World Bank business survey unrealistic? VTB recovers from Otrkitie losses; Crimean Anti-Monopoly Service head found dead; Russian […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 9, 2017

TODAY: Head of prisoner rights group flees Russia; Pichugin life sentence upheld; Navalny lawsuit rejected; Polonsky announces presidential bid; Sechin will appear as witness in Ulyukayev case; UN wants renewed mandate for Syria chemical weapons investigation; former Yahoo head blames Russia for data breaches; bailout mechanism causing Central Bank headaches; Russia to Venezuela’s rescue again.

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – Nov 8, 2017

TODAY: Thousands gather in Moscow for Communist rally to mark Centenary of Revolution, Putin avoids celebrations; Zyuganov will run for President; Other Russia members jailed for protesting; large pension fund struggling in wake of bank collapse; Russia and Israel to publish ancient Hebrew manuscripts.