Conscripted Dissident to Sue Russia’s Ministry of Defense

This news item was translated from OBSHCHAYA GAZETA.RU: Oleg Kozlovsky will demand 100,000 rubles from Ministry of Defense for unlawful conscription Coordinator of the opposition movement “Oborona” Oleg Kozlovsky, demobilized from the ranks of the Armed Forces because of unlawful conscription, intends to sue the Ministry of Defense.

In the lawsuit, Kozlovsky will demand compensation for moral damages in an amount of 100 thsd. rub. In the opinion of the oppositioneer, they had unlawfully conscripted him to serve, so that he could not participate in actions of the opposition during the time of the campaign for the elections of the president, writes “Kommersant”.“They isolated me for the time of the conducting of the presidential elections. Speaking to this at the very least is the fact that employees of the FSB took part in my detaining and in the subsequent move to Ryazan Oblast”, declared Kozlovsky, who has been detained by the police on numerous occasions during the course of actions of the opposition, and in November of the year 2007 arrested for five days for resisting employees of the police during the course of a “Dissenters’ March”.