Departures Podcast featuring Dan Stone, author of ‘The Holocaust: An Unfinished History’

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The gradual breakdown of the prevailing geopolitical order has brought to the fore numerous far right parties and politicians across Western democracy, bringing with them some very old (and very dangerous) tropes of anti-Semitism.

In light of these frightening trends, it is more important than ever for us to confront the often difficult and challenging reality of the Holocaust, how this “irrational emotive energy” allowed it to happen, and also analyze some of the early signals that were ignored.

On this week’s episode of Departures, we’re pleased to host the accomplished historian Dan Stone of the University of London, whose new book, “The Holocaust: An Unfinished History,” takes the reader on a riveting journey into some of the most unforgettable narratives and archival findings, challenging many of the assumptions carried by most of us.

In his conversation with Robert Amsterdam, Stone speaks at length about the Nazi’s demonization of Jews as a some sort of root cause of modernity’s problems, and how this absurd narrative took hold despite clear evidence of the Jewish community going through their own ideological and cultural splits over many of the same issues.

A fascinating and fresh history of a well known but poorly understood dark period of history, Stone’s book brings enlightening arguments with a clear and lucid voice.