Departures Podcast featuring Glenn Diesen, author of “The Ukraine War & the Eurasian World Order”

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There is a certain trend of narratives regarding the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that are understood as gospel in the West. And when analysts or academics stray outside those narrative lines, they are targeted with intolerance and all sorts of unfounded accusations. The fact is that we don’t seem to be able capable of a wide range of debate of events in Ukraine during wartime given the extraordinary stakes of the conflict and the immoral, expansionist violence propagated by Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin. But this extreme position robs of further understanding.

This week’s Departures podcast features Glenn Diesen, a Norwegian professor of political science and the author of “The Ukraine War & the Eurasian World Order.”  In this conversation with host Robert Amsterdam, Prof. Diesen discusses Russia’s war in Ukraine from different perspectives, seeking to understand how the conflict has placed new pressures on the international order. Diesen argues that we have entered into a period of absolutism, with social divisions being ignored within Ukraine, and both Russia and the United States increasingly acting within a zero-sum game of total victory or total defeat which disincentivizes peace, which is very unfortnate and very dangerous for the wider world.