Departures Podcast with Dan Alexander

Like no other president before him, Donald Trump and his inner circle have sought to monetize the White House – but has it been a good business?

Dan Alexander, a journalist at Forbes and the author of the new book, “White House Inc.: How Donald Trump Turned the Presidency Into a Business,” joins the podcast to discuss in detail the assets and revenues of the Trump empire, and how what’s been presented in the New York Times’ reporting on his tax returns may not be the complete picture.

Alexander’s book presents “a damning portrait that cracks open shell corporations, unearths new documents and exposes hundreds of millions of dollars flowing between President Trump and entities around the world. It takes us inside golf clubs, personal mansions, office buildings, residential units, and licensing ventures, all of which compose Trump’s ethically troubled business.”

Shortly before we recorded the episode, the bombshell news broke that President Trump had tested positive for COVID-19. Alexander offers his analysis on how he believes that will impact the election.