Despite Burger Summit, Disagreement Remains over Georgia

I never thought I would read something positive from Robert Kagan regarding the Obama Administration’s Russia policy, but here you go:

Finally, on an issue where the administration has been weakest, there was a sign of a shift. Amid the happy talk and hamburgers last week, the administration made clear that there is one area of continuing disagreement between the United States and Russia: Georgia. In its public “Reset Fact Sheet,” the White House declared that the “Obama Administration continues to have serious disagreements with the Russian government over Georgia. We continue to call for Russia to end its occupation of the Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.” The word “occupation” is a clear sign that the administration has not swept this issue under the rug. Maybe Obama understands that the “reset” will never be a success so long as Russian troops continue to occupy their neighbors’ territories.