Echo Moskvy on the Dissenters’ March

Below is a translation from Echo Moskvy on the state’s crackdown on protests following the presidential elections.

Employees of the capital’s police detain all organizers of «Dissenters’ March» at ChistyeAs an «Echo Moskvy» correspondent who was present at the place of the events told, subjected to detention were not only activists, but also leaders of the opposition.As the “Echo Moskvy” correspondent reported, all who in one way or another let it be understood that they were involved in the action, shouted out one of the slogans of “The Other Russia”, in particular “Russia without Putin”, were taken, pushed into buses and driven off”. A total of around 50 persons were detained.Leaders of the opposition were being detained to the extent that they came to the square by the Myasnitsky Gates, they were recognized by sight and taken away. In such a manner one can speak of the preparedness of the law-enforcement organs, who placed hardware and detachments of OMONovites in such a way that no part of the square remained without the attention of individual subdivisions.They likewise took people from neighboring cafés as well. “A detachment of the OMON came in, pointed at people who were supposed to participate in the March, they were lifted up from the tables and led out”, said the correspondent.The «Echo Moskvy» correspondent noted that detachments of the OMON and special hardware were placed in a way “so no part of the square remained without the attention of individual subdivisions”.The “Dissenters’ March” is taking place without incidents in Petersburg. Earlier the authorities had permitted it. The “Dissenters” met at five o’clock in the evening at the “Oktyabrsky” concert hall and began to move in the direction of the park named after Chernyshevsky.Joining in with those who had gathered were leader of the “natsbols” [National-Bolsheviks] Eduard Limonov and leader of the United Civic Front Garry Kasparov. More than a hundred journalists are present at the “March”.The marchers are being guarded by a large number of policemen.