Election Violations

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the violations reported in the wake of the weekend’s regional elections:

Saratov: Parties vying for seats in the local legislature accused each other of attempting to cast fake ballots.  ‘1,000 fake ballots have been put into ballot box at one of polling stations in Saratov‘, reports ITAR-TASS, claims supported by allegations from the Communist Party
Nizhny Novgorod: Attempts to cast fake ballots were reported in the region, and election observers claim that they were ‘blocked from all monitoring in the region‘.
Adygea: complaints that ballots should be counted manually, not electronically.

Chukotka: boasted an unusually high turnout of about 70 percent — which the Communists said was due to officials luring in voters with free tickets to an election day concert.’
Kaliningrad and Dagestan: reports of election-related violence, with ‘a Golos observer and reporter with its newspaper, Grazhdansky Golos was beaten at a village polling station‘ in Kaliningrad.
United Russia admits to reports of violations, but says that they were all staged by the opposition attempting to frame the party.