Energy Blast – Feb 16, 2012

‘The era of bullying nations has passed. The arrogant powers cannot monopolize nuclear technology’: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to defy international censure over the Gulf state’s nuclear regime.  Tehran has however, apparently sent a letter to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton expressing a willingness to hold new talks.  A US State Department spokeswoman has dismissed Iran’s claims of advances in its atomic know how as ‘not terribly impressive’.  The EU’s trade commissioner, Karel De Gucht, has pledged that Europe will adapt to the impact of any Iranian action.  Russia has cautioned international powers to attempt to negotiate further with the rogue regime.  Russia’s Armed forces chief has told the media that the Kremlin would be within ‘their full rights’ to use nuclear weapons should any threats to the integrity of the country surface.  Apparently Transneft has not entirely rejected the possibility of building a pipeline to Greece via Turkey, bypassing Bulgaria, which recently withdrew from the Burgas-Alexandroupolis project.