Energy Blast – Oct 21, 2011

The Washington Post considers how the demise of Colonel Gadaffi heralds the (eventual) return to pre-conflict levels of oil production, though with a fledgling government, the possibility of a second uprising similar to that in Iraq should not be ruled out.  TNK-BP’s Deputy CEO Maxim Barsky, who seemed to be primed for the top job at Russia’s No.3 oil firm, is apparently leaving after less than two years in the role due to the 37-year-old’s public complaints over the delay in elevating him to the top job.  Rosatom chief Sergei Kiriyenko has pledged that he will continue to fight against graft in the nuclear industry in a campaign which Transparency International Russia has heartily welcomed.  Russia is backtracking on plans to increase oil exports via its new Baltic pipeline, a move which will allow current transit country Belarus to continue collecting fees.  Russian oil and gas firm Russneft is apparently keen to invest in Nigeria, which produces more than 2 million barrels per day of oil and holds the world’s seventh-largest gas reserves.