Energy Blast – Oct 25, 2011

A diplomatic note from Russia and China to the International Atomic Energy Agency urges the U.N. to scrap U.S.-backed plans to reveal intelligence on Iran’s alleged nuclear arms experiments, says AP.  The board of TNK-BP has voted against an initiative to validate the claims of a minority shareholder in a $13 billion lawsuit against BP.  With Total already on board, Novatek is still searching for foreign investors for its Arctic LNG project.  Novatek is working on a separate project with Russian Railways to increase gas shipments from its Tyumen plant in Siberia.  Weather forecasts are leading to speculation that the U.S. will see high demand and higher prices for fuel this winter.  Russia is in a position to block a deal between Ukraine and Turkmenistan, says the FT.  Chevron’s Platong II project in the Gulf of Thailand has started gas production.