Energy Blast – April 13, 2010

The BBC reports that most of the estimated 1,600 tonnes of highly enriched uranium in the world is held in Russia.  Iran says its is counting on Russia to take a ‘neutral position‘ on new Western sanctions over its nuclear energy program.  Some would call that position inevitable, citing Russia’s ‘vested interest in a nuclear Iran‘.  This article looks at energy issues in Serbia, including last year’s cooperation agreement with Russia which resulted in a majority share of NIS being sold to Gazprom for €400 million.  One of Gazprom’s oil refineries in Siberia’s Omsk is apparently the primary source of aviation grade kerosene for Russia’s Kyrgyz military air base, says the New York Times, investigating charges of fuel supply cronyism in the republic.  ‘Ukraine may well be forced to hand over some control of its gas transportation system to Russian interests as the price for a reduction in Moscow’s gas tariffs.‘  ConocoPhillips is selling its 9% stake in Canadian oil sands project Syncrude to Sinopec for $4.65 billion.