Energy Blast – April 30, 2010

The Deepwater oil spill is expected to reach US shorelines today.  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov continues Russia’s energy offensive, pledging the country’s commitment to integrating the Kaliningrad nuclear plant with Europe’s energy sector. India’s Essar Energy has dropped the price of its IPO, hoping now to raise $2.2 billion.  Landslides are forcing Georgia to suspend deliveries of Russian gas to Armenia, although the disruption is not thought to be a threat to domestic consumers.  Rossiyskaya Gazeta explains why the preservations of Russia’s ancient boreal forests is essential in preventing climate change.  The FT comments on the Barents Sea territory deal, in which oil and gas reserves are thought to be at stake: ‘Accepting this deal – which Norway has probably been willing to conclude for years – matches Russia’s new tendency to adopt a mellower tone in how it conducts foreign policy elsewhere.‘