Energy Blast – April 7, 2011

Siemens may leave its joint venture with Rosatom over ‘mounting internal resistance‘; it called Fukushima ‘an occasion to exit but not its reason‘.  BP has asked TNK-BP to convene a board meeting with Rosneft to discuss the current partnership row.  A Russian-French Center for Energy Efficiency was established this week, part of a bid to reduce energy consumption in Russia.  The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development called for a sweeping reform of the carbon pricing system, saying that climate action is being obstructed and that emissions goals for Russia and Turkey will not be met without changes.  Gazprom has completely and indefinitely suspended its Libya projects.  The company says that Europe has been easing off on demands for pricing concessions, as price talks with China loom.  The FT discusses the strange fact that Russia’s oil price forecasts do not match up with its GDP growth forecasts.  Iran is India’s second-biggest oil exporter, but there is currently no structure in place through which the latter can make payments for its oil.