Energy Blast – Aug 27, 2010

Vanguard states, such as Germany, Portugal, China, South Korea […] are already investing heavily‘ in low-carbon technologies, says the FT. ‘If it does not move quickly, Russia risks being left further behind.‘  NPR reports that BP’s hearings in Houston are frustrating investigators, who became ‘visibly annoyed‘ as witnesses ‘often gave vague answers or simply said: “I don’t recall”‘ when questioned about safety procedures in the time leading up to the April 20 explosion.  Documents emerging in the trial show that planning on the exploded well had been ‘lagging behind the operations‘ in the days before the blast.  ‘For Iran, Bushehr symbolises […] the fruits of defiance.‘  Bolivia’s Energy Minister: ‘We want to industrialize Bolivia and leave behind the model of pure extraction and export of natural resources by gaining aggregated value.