Energy Blast – Dec 17, 2009

President Dmitry Medvedev flies to Copenhagen today to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  He says a differentiated approach to the formation of obligations on greenhouse gas emissions should be used for developed and developing states, in order to reflect different economic stages.  China has expressed pessimism over the conference’s outcome, saying it could not envision reaching a detailed, binding agreement this week, and the summit’s Danish presidency ‘has sought to play down expectations of a comprehensive deal emerging from the meeting,‘ says the BBC.  Gazprom Neft plans to pump $2 billion into the Badrah oil field it won in Iraq, expecting to pump crude there within three years.  The Moscow Times has an interesting take on the TransAsian gas pipeline: ‘China has come to the rescue in a desperate situation where Turkmenistan stood to lose about a quarter of its gross domestic product.‘