Energy Blast – Jan 22, 2010

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s feeling on learning that Iran has rejected proposals to enrich its uranium abroad? ‘Regret‘ – which does not mesh well with Sergei Kiriyenko’s affirmation that ‘2010 is the year of Bushehr‘, referring to the Iranian nuclear power plant that Russia is helping to build and, it is forecasted, to have up and running by the middle of this year.  Poland’s PGNiG is in talks with Gazprom to ink a new gas supply contract that will increase Russian supplies through to 2037, although the result will stall until the two can resolve their transit fee dispute.  The government has rejected a proposal by ExxonMobil to invest $3.5 billion this year in the Sakhalin offshore fields, due to a dispute between the US company and Gazprom, which reportedly seeks a monopoly on all gas produced by Sakhalin-1.  Of course BP would like a share of Russia’s arctic oil.