Energy Blast – Jan 5, 2011

Iran’s rather selective invitation to its nuclear facilities have roused skepticism on the part of Britain and the US, with the latter calling the offer that of a ‘magical mystery tour’ and a ‘public relations stunt‘.  A wikileaked diplomatic cable has suggested that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have endeavored to secure a nuclear swap deal, but Tehran’s hardliners stymied progress, considering the move a ‘virtual defeat’.  The U.S. envoy for North Korea policy has reportedly expressed hope that serious negotiations over Pyongyang’s nuclear program will begin imminently, increasing pressure on China to act.  Coal prices are reportedly jumping as top global exporter Australia battles with heavy flooding.  It seems that Electricite de France has submitted a bid to build a nuclear power plant in Turkey.  The Calgary Herald suggests that Canada may have missed the boat on exporting oil to China.