Energy Blast – July 6, 2010

A draft energy plan from Bulgaria has suggested that Sofia plans to significantly curb its reliance on Russian energy with pipeline projects in Greece, Romania, Turkey and Serbia, the Moscow Times reports.  Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov is in the country today and tomorrow to discuss the uncertain future of two joint energy projects.  Russia’s ambassador to London, Yury Fedotov, has expressed confidence that the Arctic will not become a zone of territorial conflict, due to a framework of international regulations.  The Wall Street Journal looks at Russia’s involvement in the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline, or ESPO, which should send Russia up the rankings of top oil exporters to the US.  On bringing coal to ports, in the Moscow Times.  Italian power group Enel SpA envisages earnings at its Russian unit OGK-5 increasing five-fold by 2014 in fertile market conditions.  Reuters has a special report on the storm of polemic surrounding the use of biofuels in Europe.  Nord Stream has hit mainland Europe.