Energy Blast – June 28, 2010

The G8 partners acknowledge our position’, says Arkady Dvorkovych on Russia’s Iran stance.  President Medvedev is apparently concerned about the amount of nuclear fuel the CIA has reported finding in the Islamic Republic.  According to the Moscow Times, the Dutch Supreme Court has denied Rosneft the right to appeal in a case relating to $420 million of awards granted to a former subsidiary of defunct oil firm Yukos.  President Medvedev has denied that he has a meeting planned with BP CEO Tony Hayward.  Apparently the troubled executive will meet with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin as Russia looks for reassurances regarding the oil-haemorrhaging company’s stability.  Russia has proposed setting up a new special fund to insure against the risk of oil pollution.  The US moratorium on drilling could send companies to Russia and Brazil, Reuters reports.  The CEO of Renaissance Capital talks with Bloomberg about BP’s assets in Russia here.  How Gazprom is wooing Ukraine.   This report says that E.On may sell its 3.5% $4 billion stake in the giant.  Apparently there is Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to thank for ending the gas spat between Belarus and Russia.  The Polish Presidential front runner Bronislaw Komorowski reportedly views shale gas as a game-changer for energy relations with Russia.