Energy Blast – March 15, 2011

Vladivostok experienced a slight rise in radiation levels following the third blast at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant.  Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wants to reassure you that there is little threat of a global nuclear disaster.  Meanwhile, the global nuclear industry is facing a serious downturn: ‘Meltdown is a very big word in people’s minds.‘  As many world powers reevaluate the question of nuclear safety (Switzerland is suspending its plans to build new plants for the time being), a number of countries are pressing ahead with nuclear plans regardless, including BelarusTurkey, and North Korea.  The International Energy Agency has offered a bleak outlook for Libya’s oil experts, anticipating that its oil exports will remain off the market for ‘months rather than weeks‘.  Shell says it has over 30 new projects planned between now and 2020.