Energy Blast – March 19, 2010

Putin has reportedly announced that he believes Russia can respond to the needs of 25% of the international nuclear market.  Rosneft has reported that Yukos Capital has won a ruling freezing $648 million in bank accounts in the UK.  Apparently the company plans to appeal, and asserts that oil flow will not be disrupted.  Could using marine reactors be the way to make nuclear safe?  Leaders in Russia’s nuclear industry seem to think so, though this commentator envisages many a pitfall.  Why cap and trade has a limited future in the US, in the Economist.  Gas production in Azerbaijan has increased by 11.4% since the start of the year.  OPEC has decided not to change its oil output targets for this year as Russia increases production.  European Union proposals to force countries to construct emergency gas infrastructures have been by approved by a parliament panel.  Australia sees no harm in selling uranium, forpeaceful purposes to Russia.