Energy Blast – May 19, 2010

A tacit rebuke to the Lula-brokered Iran deal?: the US has given the UN Security Council a draft resolution to widen sanctions against Iran.  ‘More striking still was the agreement from Russia and China to push for the package so soon after the news of the Turkish-Brazilian-Iranian deal’.  Russia is however apparently ill at ease about the possibility of unilateral US and EU sanctions against Iran in addition to the Security Council ones. The Economist has some details on the measures: ‘word at the UN has it that the sanctions package includes a full arms embargo, financial and shipping sanctions and further restrictions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’. Turkey and Brazil ‘got played by Tehran’ argues the New York Times.  President Medvedev has stated he is not excluding the possibility of natural gas transit from Central Asian states to Ukraine via Russia.  Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin has reportedly suggested that the list of companies licensed to develop the Russian sea shelf will expand.  Onward to Alaska, says Shell.