Energy Blast – Nov 20, 2009

Reports have emerged following yesterday’s meeting between ‘comfortable‘ duo Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Yulia Tymoshenko.  Bloomberg says Putin’s announcement that Ukraine would not be penalized for consuming less gas than was contracted was warmly received by Tymoshenko, who pledged that payments would be made on time.  ‘It would be very good to meet the New Year without calamities,‘ Putin said, guaranteeing stable supplies (click here for some transit figures).  This exchange was overshadowed by Medvedev’s advisor in Moscow, who reportedly complained about ‘political blackmail‘ in light of Tymoshenko’s decision to increase transit fees earlier this week. The Guardian points out that TNK-BP’s new chief executive, the choice of its oligarch board, is ‘inexperienced‘, but BP insists that it was not ‘steamrollered‘ into accepting him.  Russia’s stepped-up pledge for emissions reductions is drawing positive reports.  The Economist reports on a new study on climate change and trade policy, and EDF’s bid to lead the nuclear energy revival.