Energy Blast – Nov 25, 2008

If you ask me if there is another partner for Repsol I would prefer than LUKOIL, I would definitely find one,‘ says Spain’s Interior Minister.  A Ukrainian delegation is in Moscow to discuss energy relations as Gazprom threatens a cutoff.  Russia’s crude oil supply agreement with China, in return for a multi-billion dollar loan for its oil companies, could see its final agreements signed as early as tomorrow, according to Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko. MRSK Holding has confirmed that Russia’s transition to regulated pricing for electricity grid companies has been suspended.  Gazprom and TNK-BP both intend to appeal millions of dollars worth of fines issued by the Antimonopoly Service to the companies for abusing their dominant market positions.  Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez wants to take measures to stabilize oil prices at $80-100 a barrel.