Energy Blast – Oct 26, 2010

Russia and the International Atomic Energy Agency say they will cooperate to ensure security at nuclear facilities.  A $6 billion loan from China is to go towards developing Russian coal deposits in Siberia and Sakhalin.  Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko says Russia plans to partner up with Iceland, hoping to benefit from its expertise in the realm of geothermal power.  WWF, Pacific Environment, and a vice president of Lukoil all expressed concerns about the safety of Arctic drilling at a recent Moscow conference, reports Voice of America.  If India’s Oil & Natural Gas Corp is willing to give up its 20% stake in Sakhalin-1, Gazprom could, in exchange, commit to supplying liquefied natural gas to the country.  Iran has started injecting fuel into its nuclear power plant.  Is Saudi Arabia to become Russia’s latest nuclear collaborator?