Energy Blast – Oct 30, 2009

Iran is ‘unwilling to accept‘ a deal that would see most of its enriched uranium shipped abroad. ‘Tehran is obviously probing to see whether President Obama can play hardball or whether he can be played.‘  Russia will share the ‘prize‘ that is the giant Yamal gas resource, but only because Gazprom can’t handle the challenge on its own, argues Rossiyskaya Gazeta.  Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa made his first visit to Russia this week to court support for a planned overhaul of his country’s energy industry.  Signing a series of agreements on arms and energy (particularly hydropower), President Dmitry Medvedev heraldedthe beginning of cooperation‘.  Will state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom take the place of Germany’s RWE in the Belene nuclear power plant?  Speaking at the Solar Power International Conference, being held in California this week, Robert Kennedy Jr. said that the U.S. needs to start treating solar power development competition with China ‘as an arms race‘.