Energy Blast – September 27, 2010

President Medvedev is on his second official visit to China for talks with Premier Wen Jiabao, which commentators suggest is an attempt to seal a deal on supplying gas to its eastern neighbor, as of 2015, although no agreement has been met on price.  The pair will attend the opening ceremony of the Chinese section of the oil pipeline connecting the two nations which will pump 300,000 barrels a day across from Siberia as of later this month.  A video analysis of burgeoning energy relations can be viewed here.  Russia will begin commercial oil deliveries to China as of January 1, 2011, a figure which could double in the future.  Some degree of nuclear cooperation has also been discussed it would seem from this report.  Lukoil and investors led by UniCredit have bought back 5% of the oil company from Conoco Phillips for $2.4 billion.  Officials say that the Stuxnet worm virus, which afflicted computers across Iran, has had no impact on the Bushehr nuclear power plant.