Esteemed Barack Husseinovich!

We recently ran across this interesting letter from Russia on a social networking site. While we obviously don’t make any claims for its authenticity, we thought we’d post it anyway, because we feel it reflects – albeit in a humorous and remarkably well-balanced manner – the prevailing wisdom in Russia these days (widely disseminated and greatly encouraged by the power) that whatever the problem, it’s always someone else’s fault, preferably America’s or at least the West’s in general.


An Open Letter to the President of the United States of America
from the workers of the Open Joint Stock Company “Promstroy” from the city of Kurgan.

Esteemed Barack Huseinovich.
Mister Obama!

We turn to you in connection with the heavy situation that has developed at our enterprise. The fact being is that for many months already, our employer has been holding back our wages and, not desiring to enter into any negotiations whatsoever, is striving in every possible way to violate our constitutional right to labor and the fair remuneration thereof. In recent times, attempts have intensified to drive us out of the enterprise, which we too, as best we could, had led to prosperity.

To our just question about the reasons for such unlawful behavior,the employer (in the person of the head engineer and chief ofproduction) responded that it’s all the fault of the mortgage collapsein America. They thereby simply and straightforwardly indicated to usthe address to which we ought to turn as the result of our misfortunes.We of course are sorry about your mortgages, but please do understandus as well.

Proceeding from what has been set forth above, we decided to set beforeyou several variants of a solution to the situation that has developedfor you to choose from:

1. Fully admit the guilt of the American administrations and of you asPresident of the USA. Thereby take upon yourself the obligations forpaying out the payroll debts to the workers of OAO “Promstroy”.

2. Not admit the guilt of the USA in the situation that has developedand, thereby, recognize the representatives of the employer and theemployer himself at OAO “Promstroy” to be malicious slanderers andexecrators of the policy of the United States of America.

3. In connection with the fact that the quantity of those rushing toarrange a Schengen visa has sharply increased among the managers of OAO”Promstroy”, we ask you, Barack Huseinovich, to discuss our problemwith your G8 comrades from the countries of Western Europe. Perhapsthey (your European friends by the name of Angela and Nicolas; and evenSilvio, we think, won’t refuse) would be able to organize chats on thetopic set forth above with the employer and his representatives rightat the border crossing points.

Respectfully, best regards,
the workers of OAO “Promstroy”, city of Kurgan (sometime between Ural and Siberia)

Photo: The missing letters on this OAO PROMSTROY uniform render the word PROSTOY, which means “simple” in Russian.