Extorting the Victims of Beslan

Another one of those feel good stories from the LiveJournal of Vladimir Varfolomeyev, our exclusive translation to English.


The State is demanding money from former hostages in Beslan

ВВ’s ЖЖ – The “Live journal” of Vladimir Varfolomeyev

I’ve just been speaking with Ella Kesayeva from Beslan. What she told me simply doesn’t fit into the head.

Several dozen families in Beslan are receiving a demand to pay tax on “income” from the tax inspectorate because their children, who survived in the act of terror, currently live and study in a lyceum outside Moscow. For example, Kesayeva has been charged a tax of 70-plus thousand rubles for 2 years for her daughter Zarina, who was a hostage and wounded in the Beslan school! She says that all the children were accepted for rehabilitation and are found in the lyceum at no cost at all, nobody is paying anybody anything, and therefore it is completely incomprehensible what “income” they could be talking about.

The tax inspectorate is threatening, however, that if the money is not paid, then they will collect it through the courts.

In the words of Kesayeva, such demands have been received by parentsonly of those former hostages who are being educated at the “Koralovo”lyceum, which was organized by YUKOS, and which Khodorkovsky’s parentsare sustaining with all their strength. It turns out that this is thelatest squeeze on MBK, for whose sake the powers have no intention topity even the Beslan children, who have lived through an inhumanhorror, having been hostages of terrorists?!

A state that pulls off stunts like this is worthy only of the deepest contempt.