FBI Hunts Joins Klebnikov Investigation

Russian police and prosecutors have failed, rather dismally, to make any progress on capturing the murderer of Forbes journalist Paul Klebnikov.  After five years of ineptitude, and thanks to some high diplomacy, it looks like the FBI is going to be allowed into Russia to pursue some cold leads (as noted in our morning news blast).  For now I am curbing my optimism, but at the very least it is a positive gesture.  Klebnikov’s widow, Musa, continues to be, well, simply awesome.

From Mark Franchetti, Times of London:

Musa, who has three young children by Klebnikov, returned to Russia last week for the first time since the murder to attend a memorial service and lobby for the investigation to be reopened.

“We’ve been waiting for justice and instead we’ve been left alone with our grief,” said Musa. “You cannot have independent journalism where there is no rule of law.”

During her visit Musa had a private meeting with Russia’s justice minister, who agreed to cooperate with his US counterparts.

“It’s a significant and encouraging step given that we have been asking for this for five long years,” said Michael Klebnikov, Paul’s brother. “It’s a shame it has taken so long as valuable time has been wasted. We very much welcome Russia’s move. It’s unprecedented, but we’ll have to wait and see what results it yields. What matters are results.”