Fears of a New Cyber War Against Georgia

It happened to Estonia in the midst of the Bronze Soldier fight, it happened to Radio Free Europe, and now it looks like it might be happening to Georgia, as the UN takes on the Abkhazia issue. This first attack, not yet confirmed in origin, looks like the warning shot. From SC Magazine:

The official site of Georgia’s president, Mikheil Saakashvili, was taken down by the attackers on Saturday and Sunday, say researchers. The attacks were first recorded in the early hours of Saturday morning and continued into Sunday. While researchers could not pinpoint the exact source of the attacks, early evidence points to sources within neighboring Russia. Arbor Networks chief analyst Jose Nazario reported that one of the messages sent in the data flood read “win+love+in+Russia.” Meanwhile, researchers with security group ShadowServer noted that the botnet controlling software used in the attacks has also been linked to Russian botnets.