France Supports Mikhail Khodorkovsky

khodorkovsky_lefigaro061008.jpgFrench Deputy Herve Mariton, president of the France-Russia group of deputies in the National Assembly, took time to meet with the mother of Mikhail Khodorkovsky yesterday during a visit to Moscow (photographed), as reported by the French newspaper Le Figaro. Mariton told reporters that the conditions of Khodorkovsky’s trial “clearly have political dimensions,” and that both he and Marina Khodorkovskaya want to “take on his word” on Dmitry Medevedev’s promises to bolster rule of law. Mariton told Le Figaro that “If the situation of your son, who has become a symbol, would improve, that would mean that all of Russia would be doing better.” Khodorkovsky’s mother reiterated that her son has an iron will, but remains concerned about his health issues. She also states that she has never asked the government for a pardon, but would do so if Micha had ever requested it.