Fridman Says BP Is “Insulting” the Kremlin

fridman061108.jpgAs Bob reported in an earlier post on TNK-BP, BP Chairman Peter Sutherland has really started to irritate the Russians, first by dismissing Alexei Miller’s “apocalyptic” forecast of $250 oil, then by calling out the “corporate raiding” by their Russian partners. Mikhail Fridman, the billionaire founder of Alfa Bank and disgruntled shareholder in TNK-BP (photo), couldn’t stay silent any longer. Reuters reports that Fridman has now made the ultimate threat:

“We find Mr (Peter) Sutherland’s comment unhelpful and frankly, insulting to the Russian leadership,” Fridman said in a statement emailed to reporters, adding he should not lecture the Russian government.

Still not a political problem, Mr. Granville?