General: China is Potential Adversary to Russia

china_army120809.jpgI don’t usually do back to back links to the same sources, but this news is just too big (see the original source in Russian here).  From

Newly appointed Chief of Staff of the Russian Land Forces, Lieutenant-General Sergey Skokov, recently made a statement that caused a major sensation across the Russian Federation. Speaking about possible conflicts that Russia may face in the future, he outlined three distinct scenarios: fighting in the “western, southern” and eastern” directions.

In the west, Russia may face an innovative, high-tech enemy with “contact-less” modes of fighting – read, the NATO alliance. In the south, Russia faces “irregular formations that conduct guerrilla-style warfare.” And in the east, “it could be a millions-strong army that fights along traditional, conventional tactics, with high levels of concentration of manpower and firepower at specific directions.”

General Skokov did not actually name China in his speech, but it is important to point out that there is no other army in the “east” that can field millions of soldiers, except China’s People’s Liberation Army. In this light, the general’s statements are nothing short of extraordinary. They mark the first time since the 1980s that China is singled out as a potential – and real – adversary by Russia.