Georgians Protest Looting with Satire

protest082008.jpgVeronica Khokhlova at Global Voices Online, who’s always been very kind to link over to us, has a great post up linking to a LiveJournal user blogging about a satirical protest staged in Tbilisi in front of the Russian Embassy to bring attention to the widespread looting and robberies being carried out under the Russian occupation.

[…] To the Russian embassy in Tbilisi they brought old refrigerators, toilets, rolls of toilet paper, irons, bottles of vodka, forks and spoons, clothes and other objects that [looters from the Russian army] took interest in during their visits to private houses of Georgians, state institutions, military bases and army barracks. People are coming up to have a closer look, shake their heads, laugh. Cars that are passing by are honking…

The photos are worth a look.