Georgia’s “Isolationist” Goals

We’ve often featured translations from the pro-government news outlet RBK Daily, which often goes a few steps too far in its efforts to please the leadership, resulting in amusing and sometimes enlightening tidbits of officialistic thinking. This one here below features a warning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs telling Russian citizens not to travel to Georgia … because they will apparently throw you in jail if you’ve ever visited Abkhazia or South Ossetia. It’s always interesting to hear Russian officials denouncing the “lawless repressions” of other states.

rbk090210.jpegGeorgia trying to cut off Abkhazia and So. Ossetia from rest of world: MFA RF

In the Russian foreign policy agency they have expressed the opinion that Georgia is attempting to cut off Abkhazia and South Ossetia from the rest of the world: with these objectives Tbilisi is supporting a practice of criminal prosecution of foreigners who have visited these republics.

Official representative of the MFA RF Andrei Nesterenko noted that the authorities of Georgia are projecting “pathological hatred” towards Abkhaz and Ossetians onto citizens of other states, applying “lawless repressions” towards them.

The representative of the Russian agency underscored that such actions contradict the “strategy of peaceful engagement”, propagandized by Tbilisi.

In the meantime A.Nesterenko turned to Russians with a call to refrain from visiting Georgia in connection with the current policy of official Tbilisi. He reminded that foreigners who have visited Abkhazia or South Ossetia, in the event of appearing in Georgia may be subjected either to large fines, or to jail confinement.

01 September 2010