Gordon Brown to Talk Murder with Medvedev

“Oil and food prices are going through the roof, and the world isn’t getting any cooler, so it’s appropriate that these topics dominate the talk among the leaders of the world’s main economies meeting in Japan right now. But British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has another issue on his mind, and that’s murder,” Steve LeVine writes at Oil and Glory, arguing that Brown will likely bring up the Litvinenko murder, the Lugovoi extradition, and the rest of of the unsolved high-profile murders in his first bilateral meeting with Dmitry Medvedev on the sidelines of the G8. LeVine wonders whether Medvedev will inherit his predecessor’s “strange willingness to be seen as a killer, or a harborer of them,” and goes on to detail how so many high profile investigations, from Klebnikov to Politkovskaya, are making zero progress. Robert Amsterdam also reviewed LeVine’s new book for the New York Post a little while back.