Governance by Gun and Bribe

Here’s an excerpt from an editorial on the murder of Stanislav Markelov on VOA News which “reflects the opinion of the U.S. government” – Barack Obama’s government, I might add.

The Russian people have spoken loudly in condemnation of these murders. Ordinary citizens have taken to the streets to demand justice for Baburova and Markelov. The Public Chamber, some Duma members, and other Russian officials have joined these calls, and the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has set up an investigative committee and special task force to find and prosecute those responsible for this crime.  

The United States believes that these calls are critical in order to stem the climate of fear and bolster the rule of law and freedom of expression that are undermined by continued assassinations of journalists and human rights defenders without justice.  

StanislavMarkelov once argued that only when citizens felt confident registeringcomplaints and injuries with authorities would governance by lawsupplant rule by gun and by bribe.

We hope Russian officialswill heed the calls of their people, and ensure justice for Markelov,Baburova, and the many human rights advocates and journalists whosemurders remain unresolved.