Grigory Pasko: After Kaliningrad, FSB inside Opposition


Personal circumstances of an “overwhelming force” was how leader of the Kaliningrad oppositioneers Konstantin Doroshok recently explained his exit from the «Solidarity» movement. Certain political scientists decoded this exit in their own way: they’re saying the regional protest movements don’t have a political tinge, but are associated merely with corporative interests of a regional character.

However, Doroshok’s comrade in arms, deputy of the Kaliningrad Oblast Duma Solomon Ginzburg, considers that pressure from the side of the FSB had had an influence on Konstantin’s decision.

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If this is so, then it turns out that here in our country the FSB is connected not only by its business interests, but also engages in political investigation.

Up to and including planting its provocateurs into the ranks of the oppositioneers.

It is no secret to anyone that many deputies of the State Duma of theRF – are FSB employees. (It’s not important how the call themselves inso doing: «seconded» or «former»).
The fact that many (if not most) of the deputies’ staff members are employees of the FSB – is a less loudly advertised fact.

If people have already, it seems, gotten accustomed to the infiltrationof chekists into the organs of administration and business structures,then for now few have paid attention to the mass introduction ofdescendants of the NKVD into the ranks of the country’s judges.
This infiltration is going to make itself strongly felt later.

Future non-chekist governments are going to be faced with the task ofrooting out these «neo-nobles» from every nook and cranny into whichthey have managed to crawl with the speed of mold.

The country will begin to shake and sweat as if breaking a fever.

It may even finally adopt a law on lustration.

Mold – and not at all most kinds – is good in gorgonzola.

In bread and meat it is – poison.

Mold destroys concrete and brick. Some of its forms are so toxic that they can affect the breathing passages.

To the point of suffocation.

…It’s been hard to breathe in the country for a long time already.

Haven’t you noticed?