Grigory Pasko as the Japanese Spy

paskovictory.jpgGrigory Pasko is the Russia correspondent for this blog, and a one-time political prisoner following an article published in the Japanese press about the Russian Navy illegally dumping nuclear waste in the Sea of Japan in 1993. 

Several years in prison and several books later, Pasko was released following following an extremely rare civil court decision overturning a verdict from a military court. Since his release, Pasko has campaigned tirelessly for human rights, environment, and press freedom in Russia, and has continued producing excellent investigative journalism. In 2007, he was awarded the Remarque Peace Prize, among other accolades.

Earlier this year, the European Court of Human Rights issued a confusing and unfavorable verdict toward his imprisonment – read Pasko’s reaction to the decision here.

Today the website has published a great interview with him in Russian that we invite our readers to check out.