Grigory Pasko: Everyone Loves a Good Sordid Scandal

sordid052610.jpegNew kompromat clips against opposition politicians and public figures, often depicting particularly sordid situations, have become all the rage on the Russian internet in recent months. The politician Ilya Yashin, who has been lured into the honey trap himself, has commented, “The previous creativity of the anonymous provocateurs looked like little flowers in comparison with what they have published now. The new video contains candidly pornographic materials from the personal life of Viktor Shenderovich, Eduard Limonov and Alexander Belov, shot by hidden cameras.”

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In Ilya’s opinion, the most important aspect of this story is the fact that the “customers” who commissioned this material, the organizers, and the executors are criminal offenders and must end up behind bars. And further: “There are all grounds to deem that behind this story stand people from the leadership of the administration of the president. Concretely – Vladislav Surkov. It is precisely from him, judging by everything, that the political order and the financing of the project proceeded.

The use of prostitutes like Katya Mumu with the objective of tarnishing whomever or discrediting – an old little device of the KGB’s. This method they also used for recruiting agents abroad.

That is, even without Yashin it is comprehensible from where the provocation’s legs are growing: from a place where there are cold hearts, dirty hands and hot (sick?) heads.

When I read Shenderovich’s blog, I suddenly remembered that a device «à la Mumu» had already been used very recently – in relation to Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The organizers, of course, were constrained by the circumstance that Khodkorkovsky was sitting in the zone: it is more complex to get Katya into there than into a conspiratorial «malina». Therefore, the chekists were forced to use another «Katya» – the convict Kuchma. A slanderous rumor was started about how Khodorkovsky had been sexually soliciting the convict Kuchma.

For some reason, I’m not worried about Kuchma. I think that they might even release him on parole. But for Khodorkovsky’s life we should be afraid. Because the jail power, just like the power in the country, is capable of anything. Today it thirsts for new terms: a third – presidential – for Putin, and a second – lengthy – for Khodorkovsky. But tomorrow it might want the death of the ex-head of YUKOS: according to the Stalinist principle – «no person – no problems». And it will write it all off to legally incompetent zeks like Kuchma. And just try and prove to someone that Kuchma – is an ordinary «torpedo», that is, a specially sent person, called upon to kill someone.

Then they used the «torpedo» yet again – in the role of a victim of a sexual advance. It didn’t play: the Meshchansky court of Moscow denied the claim for compensation for moral harm to Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s former cellmate Alexander Kuchma.

…Awaiting Katya Mumu is no doubt the fate of Kuchma: further and multiple use. Because the traditions of the OGPU-KGB are alive and well. Alive and well are the methods of this organization…And representatives of «the office», judging by everything, will still be reigning in our country with these methods for a long time to come.