Grigory Pasko: Flag of the FSB

fsbflag093008.jpgThe colour of freedom and joy Grigory Pasko, journalist Если Вы хотите прочитать оригинал данной статьи на русском языке, нажмите сюда. President Medvedev has signed an ukase about the official flag of the FSB. That is, as I understand it, for full and complete happiness, the only thing this agency, which in essence has the entire country and all of its resources under its control, was still missing was its own flag. Now they have one. As a chekist once said to me, rejoicing over the second trial against me, “now even the president is one of us” (this is when Putin had been appointed president in the year 2000). The mass information media reported that previously the FSB had had only an emblem. On it – the Russian double-headed eagle on a background of a shield and sword. About the flag in the Medvedevite ukase is said that in the right part of it will shine the state crest – the double-headed eagle. And in the upper – the Cross of St. Andrew (the apostle Andrew the First-Called – the patron saint of Russia) on a red field. The main body of the new chekist flag – is light-green. In the opinion of the newspaper «Komsomolskaya pravda», “this color in heraldry symbolizes hope, freedom, abundance and joy.”

I wonder if Yulia Privedennaya knows about this color scheme in heraldry? Yulia is the girl whom the FSB and the procuracy of Moscow oblast have been harassing for more than ten years already merely because she with comrades dared without the permission of the state to found the youth association PORTOS.And do the scientists Sutyagin and Danilov know about this, as they waste their lives serving wildly long terms in strict-regime colonies merely because the FSB “wants to eat”?And how about the thousands of guiltless people being pursued and sitting in dungeons, whose personal destinies have been touched by the “clean hands and cool heads” of the chekists?By the way, it would be better for them not to know this: it’s all lies anyway. Just like much of what the state has been doing in the past 10-15 years. And especially after the chekists came to power in the country. Those same ones who these days own plants and factories, accounts in foreign banks… They will no doubt certainly have some Putinka (THEIR man!) vodka today in honor of the ukase by Medvedev (THEIR president!), and will raise a toast to the one heraldic symbol they understand best – to abundance.I join in their toast: be happy, comrades chekists! May your lives be long and abundant! But remember: at this very time no doubt someone somewhere is drinking to freedom from you and to hope that you won’t remain in power much longer.