Grigory Pasko: Putler Kaputt


Cherchez la femme!

The legislative power of the Russian Federation, as always, is on the lookout for spies

Grigory Pasko, journalist

The State Duma of Russia on 18 March instructed its committee on security to gather in the law-enforcement organs information about the sources of financing of the organizers of mass protest actions. The initiative comes from the United Russians, inclined to lay the blame on western non-governmental organizations.

Naturally, in the opinion of the Russian powers, the expresser ofthe hopes and thoughts of which is the current Duma, it’s all the faultof «western agents of influence and spies». Certainly not our very ownkleptocrats who run things locally and in the whole country!
By the way, once upon a time, «western spies» were seeking through mewhom to give a grant to in Vladivostok. In the end, this grant wasreceived by some kind of gender organization, something along the linesof a «league for the protection of women’s rights». So the yedrosy [anextreme abbreviation of “United Russians”, which just happens to rhymewith a coarse and derogatory term for “homosexuals”, something nomember of the most virile, “real man” political party in Russia couldpossibly ever be…–Trans.] are going to have to go looking there -among women. It’s all them who are rocking the boat all the time,riding around in Japanese cars, don’t like putler (see poster in thephoto). All the evil of the yedrosy (and indeed, of all of humanity,ever since that first bite from the apple!) – comes from women.

Well, and of course, it’s funny that they’ve attached a supposedopposition as represented by the CPRF to the rallies. Today’scommunists have for a long time already been businessmen, havingsuccessfully fit themselves with their organization into the system ofpower. By the way, the yedrosy themselves are to blame: they didn’t leta more or less real opposition into the State Duma, now they’re forcedto appoint at least somebody to its role.

Image:  A protest rally in Vladivostok. The poster reads “Putler KAPUTT”.