Grigory Pasko: Setbacks for Gazprom’s Pipeline Plans


The boys have been scammed… like suckers.

Grigory Pasko, journalist

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«Nezavisimaya writes»: «Last week, three sensitive blows were inflicted on the international positions of «Gazprom». The first and most substantial of them was inflicted by the Europarliament, which on 22 April adopted the third «energy package» of the plan for liberalization of Europe’s energy market. It brings into great question the attempts by «Gazprom» to get to the end consumer in European countries. Right behind, on 24 April, the leadership of Turkmenistan in the presence of a representative Russian delegation openly declared about support of the project for the construction of the Nabucco gas pipeline to Europe. And on 25 April at an international energy summit in Sofia in spite of all efforts «Gazprom» was not able to attain the inclusion by the Eurounion of «South stream» into the number of priority projects. Defeat on all international fronts may signify the collapse of the conception of the foreign expansion of the concern».

The boys have been scammed. They’re used to being the ones doing allthe scamming themselves, but here – right back atcha, if you please…And what is a shame – the Nord Stream project (I have a special lovefor it), even if it is built, will not be able to bring in the kind ofbucks that Putin and Co. had been counting on. Because «…a seriousimpediment will become the anti-monopoly laws of the EU… It can not beruled out that in the end, they will force it to sell the gas at theborder, and not within the Eurounion. And this is a much more seriousthreat, inasmuch as success in this battle for «Gazprom» is not at allguaranteed».

How has it been until now? Menacing Munich speeches. Puffing cheeksand blowing bubbles. Demonstrative friendship with sociopathic thugs.Buying former chancellors and premiers… And all this behind the coverof one phrase: “And just where are these westerners going to go to getaway from our oil and gas?” Turns out they’re not fools over thereeither. They’ve figure out where they can go to get away from a bunchof insolent boys, flailing their arms with fingers spread like somekind of inner-city street punks. That kind of gesticulation, to thebest of my recollection, was in fashion and in custom at the end of theeighties of the previous century. Hey! Boys! It’s different yearsoutside, and even a different millennium!

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