Grigory Pasko: The Insecurity State

domodedovo012710.jpgBy virtue of my profession as a journalist, I often need to fly in airplanes, including frequent flights from Domodedovo airport. And indeed, I’m writing this article right before I need to head out for yet another flight. I can just imagine how strenuously everybody and their brother is going to be patting me down today. Because in today’s Russia, there exist not two, as it is customary to call them, misfortunes – fools and roads, but many more. We also have the misfortuntune of constantly “beating at tail,” by imposing obsolete measures as a reaction to symptoms rather than causes of tragic events. It’s happened that way a thousand times already. And since this is repeated, then , it means, real measures to prevent a cataclysm haven’t been adopted even once. Если Вы хотите прочитать оригинал данной статьи на русском языке, нажмите сюда. Year in and year out, in December on the eve of the next festivities on account of the Day of the FSB, the country’s leadership (and it, as is known, has either come out of this agency (Putin), or loves this agency very much (Medvedev) recount to trusting Russians about how hundreds (!) of terrorist acts have been prevented by the valiant chekists. And they always propose to us to believe them at their word. I do not believe a single word from this organization and these leaders.

At the very least, because there has not been one single (!) court session with respect to supposedly prevented acts even mentioned in passing, ever. And since there hasn’t, this means, the chekists are lying. They’re lying to us, they’re lying to the leaders of the country, they’re lying to themselves… A country of total lies.In these days the mass information media recall about how in the very first year of the presidential rule of Vladimir Putin in Russia, 130 terrorist acts took place. And after each big terrorist act, civil rights and liberties were curtailed, the law enforcement organs were reformed, and ever more new departments and units were created, as a result a department for struggle with extremism was created. Besides splendid reports on the work of the huge army of chekists, we aren’t seeing any real results: terrorist acts have become habitual not only throughout all of Russia, but in Moscow as well. In so doing it’s incomprehensible to me what the terrorists want and what are they trying to achieve?Why don’t they take responsibility? If they don’t like Putin’s policy in the Caucasus, then why aren’t they blowing up Putin, instead of innocent people who haven’t done a thing?It seems to me that the permanent terrorists acts in the capital of Russia – this is the consequence of the talentless leadership of the country on the part of comrade Putin.This is the consequence of his lax attitude towards the organs of the FSB, the MVD and others, who have to ensure the safety of the citizens of Russia. Putin – is a bad manager, and therefore he has to be removed from his post.The misfortune lies in the fact that there’s nobody to do the removing, because in our country there is no president. There is such a post, there’s even a person occupying it. But a president – a real guarantor of the Constitution, brave, smart, able to not only talk, but to DO – there isn’t one! There is a person who is inarticulate, who talks a lot (sometimes even the right words), but who carries no responsibility for anything and who is not capable of anything.In the meantime, it is on him that the responsibility lies for the lives of the dead. On him and on his older friend and teacher – Putin. On him and on the FSB, the MVD, the investigative the committee and the GRU. It is all of them together who are not carrying out their official duties.I wholeheartedly share the opinion of the political essayist Andrei Piontkovsky: “Every new tragedy, seemingly demonstrating how many times over these 12 years that the emperor has no clothes, is transformed through the magic zombie-box into his new calls, promises, threats and new powers and authority. That’s how it was after “Nord-Ost”. That’s how it was after Beslan. That’s how it will happen this time around as well. In… the tragedy at Domodedovo there is much grim symbolism. Few remember precisely the words pronounced by the Saviour of the Nation in his moment of toilet glory:

“We will pursue the terrorists everywhere. In the airport? — in the airport. This means, you must please excuse me, in the toilet we will catch them, we will soak them in the shithouse, if that’s what it takes. That’s it, period, the question is closed once and for all”.

Re-read the immortal phrase said nearly 12 years ago attentively. Today this subject is insistently demanding to be given the right to protect us in airports for another 12 long years»…. We’ve got bad roads. Not because we’ve got lots of fools, but because we are all fools. Smart people would never elect producers of hot air, incompetent people incapable of anything, for themselves to power. Smart people would not even let these gasbags conduct a conversation about how they intend to rule us anew and going forward. If it will be so – then we will be living all the time in a situation a country and of uncertainty about tomorrow, we will be experiencing days of mourning and lamenting for the dead.