Grigory Pasko: The “Patriotism” of Hooligans


Konstantin Pereverzev, born 1979, was already declaring himself to be a true “Russian Orthodox Patriot” on his way to the police station after being arrested for striking a blow to the face of 82-year-old human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva. The incident took place yesterday during a commemoration event for the victims of the terrorist attack in the Moscow metro station of Park Kultury.

Alexeyeva, the chairperson of the Moscow Helsinki Group, was laying flowers in the middle of the Metro station where the bombing had occurred earlier this week.  According to eyewitnesses, and there were many of them, Pereverzev came up close to Ludmilla Mikhailovna and struck her quite hard with a flat palm against the head. Alexeeva reeled, but did not fall. After this, Alexeyeva was taken home by car.

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Witnesses assert that the “Russian Patriot” before he struck her, he taunted: “You still alive?” [intentionally using a grammatically impolite form of address–Trans.].  Alexeyeva noticed that the attacker had something in his hand, and considered that the provocation was made quite clear..

“I’m alive. Perhaps, there is a small concussion”, Alexeyeva said, and added that depending on how she is feeling she will file a report with the police.

In the meantime sources in the police for some reason have reported thatPereverzev was supposedly found in a state of profound alcoholicinebriation. When this was reported to Alexeyeva, she said:”Come now, the attacker was absolutely sober.

Later and officially in the GUVD [city police headquarters–Trans.] theydeclared that in relation to the detainee Konstantin Pereverzev a criminal case has been opened under part 2 paragraph «a» of article 116 ofthe Criminal Code of the RF (causing bodily blows out of hooliganishmotives).

Unfortunately this ugly act of an ignorant man physically attacking an 82-year-old woman simply because he has been inculcated by official ideology will not come as a surprise to most Russians. The fact is that the current powers that be had in everypossible way and on many an occasion underscored its disrespect forhuman rights advocates, calling them «marginals», investigating cases ofthe murders of human rights advocates in a slipshod manner…Observing such an attitude on behalf of the state , it goes without saying, could not remainunnoticed by those who want to manifest loyalty to such a power.

Fromhere – provocations in relation to opposition politicians, prohibitionson rallies and protest appearances, the unspoken prohibition on theappearance on TV and in the mass information media of oppositionpoliticians and human rights advocates, including Lyudmilla Alexeyeva aswell.

We can assume that the Patriot Pereverzev will not receive astrict punishment, but, as the classics of Russian literature wrote, “will get away with nothing but a light scare.”