Grigory Pasko: The quiet war with the occupiers

My acquaintance Katya Veresova, a journalist from Babayevo, told me a fascinating story. At the end of July the Babayevo district federal court issued a guilty verdict in a criminal case in relation to the chief of the Borosovo-Sudsky territorial police station of the OVD for Babayevsky rayon. The policeman was found guilty of the commission of the crime prescribed by part 3 of art.159 of the Criminal Code of the RF «Fraud». On the third of July of last year in the village of Novaya Starina the chief of the Borisovo-Sudsky territorial police station met the chairman of the «Niva» collective farm, in relation to whom a check was being conducted based on the fact of illegal felling of timber. The fact was not confirmed – and a decree was issued on refusal to initiate a criminal case.

The policeman knew about this, but told the chairman the «guardians of order» who had supposedly facilitated the refusal in initiation of the case need to be thanked for the adoption of such a decision. It was proposed to thank with the meat of a bull. The chairman of the collective farm, led into deception by the employee of the police, voluntarily agreed without compensation to transfer him the meat. On 4 July of the year 2009 the policeman received at the collective farm’s animal husbandry unit 310 kg of meat with a price of 18 600 rubles. Subsequently he disposed of it at his discretion, – state prosecutor of the Babayevo procuracy N.V. Gudkov recounted to a correspondent of «Nashaya zhizn».The court sentenced the chief or the Borisovo-Sudsky territorial police station to 3 years of deprivation of liberty conditionally [a suspended sentence–Trans.] (with a probationary period of 2 years) and a fine of 8 000 rubles into the income of the state.Besides that, the court prohibited him from occupying positions of the state service and in the organs of local self-administration for a term of 2 years.At the present time the sentence has not entered into legal force.While we’re on the subject, the chief of the Borisovo-Sudsky territorial police station, in relation to whom the guilty verdict had been issued, has yet to be bared from the position occupied……Such an impression that all the branches of power in Russia with the coming of the Putinite style of ruling the country have become occupiers in this country. They provide roofs, they impose tribute, they take away business from the more successful… YUKOS? Let’s take away this successful company! And they did take it away! You’ve got the meat of a bull? Give it to us! I’m trying to recall what the people and the partisans did over there in our country with such occupiers? Killed? Set afire? Lynched?As the classic used to say, God forbid to see a Russian revolt, senseless and merciless.By the way, I read with interest about the features of occupation and the kinds of occupation. The temporariness of the mission, being found in a state of war… Everything falls in place. The Russian power is behaving itself in such a manner, as if thought it feels its temporariness. It is not by chance that the Russian power pinnacle’s dogs-children-wives-houses-accounts – are all beyond the border, not in Russia. And as to the state of war with their own people, there’s no need to even speak of that: the ware’s been going on, moreover for a long time. The people are losing so far…