Happy Birthday, Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Уважаемый Михаил Борисович!

Примите наши самые искренние поздравления по случаю Вашего дня рождения. Несмотря на те условия, в которых Вы сейчас находитесь, мы от всего сердца желаем Вам крепкого здоровья, душевного покоя и семейного согласия.
Роберт Амстердам и все сотрудники блога.


Today is Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s birthday, and sadly, the sixth birthday he has been made to spend in prison, deprived of liberty and held away from family, for no reason beyond that of the caprices of an unaccountable power unrestrained by law.  Though in the middle of his second trial, there were no hearings today – in fact Mike spend the afternoon doing a Q&A with the Russian public on Gazeta.  Some 16 supporters celebrating his birthday were placed under arrest in Moscow.  For those who can, I encourage them to stop by the official trial site to drop a birthday greeting of support.  I am grateful to Jeremy Putley who published a very nice letter on A Step At A Time

Happy birthday, Mikhail Borisovich – let’s spend the next one somewhere else.

– Robert Amsterdam