Having it Both Ways

It looks like Rice and Lavrov “agree” on something… From Condoleezza Rice’s article in Gazeta Wyborcza:

Finally, the United States and Europe will not allow Russia’s leaders to have it both ways – drawing benefits from international norms, markets, and institutions, while challenging their very foundations. There is no third way. A 19th century Russia and a 21st century Russia cannot operate in the world side by side. To reach its full potential, Russia needs to be fully integrated into the international political and economic order. But Russia is in the precarious position of being half in and half out. Russia depends on the world for its success, and it cannot change that.

From Sergei Lavrov’s speech at the Council on Foreign Relations:

And I had already a chance to explain that you cannot really have — you can’t really have it both ways, punishing Russia by cancelling some of the meetings and some of the formats which are really important for the entire world, and at the same time demanding from Russia to cooperate on the issue which is of crucial importance to you in particular.